A new EP for REZZ

New EP

A couple of days ago, REZZ was teasing her fans on Twitter about a surprise she had coming up for them ! On May 14th, we could finally see on Apple Music that she has a new EP coming out this summer, titled Beyond The Senses, with 6 new songs. There will also be several collaborations on this new project, with Underoath, Deathpact, EDDIE, Sayer, and The Riggs. The collaboration with Sayer is one that’s been teased for weeks and months now, and having worked with Deathpact before, we already know that one will be a winner. Dark Age, Falling, Kiss of Death, Stress, Your Soul Will Never Be Released and Lonely are all going to be heard on this new EP.

Dark Age

REZZ is giving us a taste of Beyond The Senses, that will be out July 24th, with her new track Dark Age, released on May 15th. We can then except to hear many of her new songs at Oasis Montréal on May 24th, with also i_o and Ekali performing.


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