Florence Lavoie, YouTuber and Influencer, at Oasis Montreal

After the reveal of our Beach babes, everyone is waiting for the beginning of Beach Day Every Day season. The Beachbabes will the values and the vibe of the Beachclub and of the brand through all the events and festivals this summer: Metro Metro, Oasis, Escapade et le Beachclub.

With the first hip-hop festival in Montreal in less than three weeks from now, we know someone who is festival ready and cannot wait to see Cardi B on Metro Metro’s stage on Olympic Park’s Esplanade. Florence Lavoie is a YouTuber and an influencer from Quebec who inspires us by her authenticity, her assurance, and her humor. She is now part of our team and she represents the vibe of Beach Day Every Day. 

Florence Lavoie, Beachbabe

A woman with a great personality well assumed: her two YouTube channels, Florennce99 and 99VLOGS, allow us to get to know her better and also to relate to her. She talks about many different topics while telling us sparkling anecdotes. Always smiling, she exudes a friendly and happy vibe that makes her company delightful. We love her vibe and we are going to party together all summer long!

As she mentioned in her vlog  » Ça c’est incroyable « , she will be present at several events of the Oasis Montreal. YES! The Beachclub is moving its operations to the Olympic Park Esplanade from May 24th to June 16th! Oasis Montreal is an accessible and interesting concept that allows Florence to go to see her favorite artists while partying because she can return home easily.

In fact, she already has her tickets for the Oasis Montreal opening weekend on May 24th with Rezz. Florence loves her style of music and can not wait to see her performance. Also, she will be present on June 2nd to see Diplo. An event that Florence does not want to miss: « I have my tickets since a lonnnnnng time and I can not wait!  » [free translation]

Go subscribe to her YouTube channels, Florennce99, and 99VLOGS to know all about her: interesting and funny content every week! She is an indispensable YouTuber. By the way, take a look at her vlog « Ça c’est incroyable » now for an opportunity not to be missed with the upcoming summertime! Hint: Oasis Montreal.


You don’t have your tickets yet for events at Oasis Montreal? Come with us and Florence from May 24th to June 16th at the Olympic Park’s Esplanade for incredible shows!  Purchase them now by clicking here.

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