EKALI and i_o join REZZ

May 24th will launch the show season presented by OASIS MONTRÉAL. The first DJ who will give a performance is REZZ. She will not be alone to everyone dance at the Esplanade of the Olympique Stadium, because EKALI and i_0 will join her and perform during this day.


EKALI came from Vancouver, he performs in the electronic dance music universe since 2014. When he was 12 years old, his passion for music begins when he learns how to play violin. His interest for music never stop growing. He starts to play bass and play for many groups in Vancouver. It’s in 2014 that Ekali find his sound, at this moment he starts to explore and create his own electronic music. EKALI produced If you read this it’s too late by Drake. In 2014, EKALI was the only Canadian to go at Redbull Music Academy. Since this time he had a several collaborations with artists like Skrillex. This collaboration led him to sign with OWSLA. On Twitter EKALI tease his fan with a new collaboration with no other than Illenium.


On May 3rd, his new Ep Death by techno was released. In this Ep we can listen to Death by techno and No sleep. i_0 is a progressive and techno DJ who play for the same record comapagny as REZZ, Mau5trap.


For this show, SOL Republic gives the chance to win a REZZ custom pair of headphones and her comic book, Mass Manipulation. Go on the Facebook page OASIS MONTRÉAL. to get all of the contest informations.





On May 24th, don’t miss REZZ, EKALI and i_o at OASIS MONTRÉAL. Get your tickets by clicking here.

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