Everything you need to know about Nathan Barato, Tiga & Matador


Gavin Lynch also known as Matador is from Dublin in Ireland. He’s a versatile person as he is a sound engineer, a music producer and a D, which justifies his popularity. Funny fact, even though he always had an interest in music, in his early twenties he was studying to become a chef. However, he followed his father’s suggestion to do something that he loved that way, it would never feel like work. As a matter of fact, inspired by artists such as RIchie Hawtin, Adam Breyer and Jeff Mills, he begin a sound engineering course at Dublin’s Sound Training Centre. At that moment, he became obsessed with electronic music. Matador was able to perform in the underground club circuit after meeting Richie Hawtin with whom he became friend. By his innovative live shows, he joins MINUS crew and drops two EP “Kingswing” and “Spooks”. Moreover, his career skyrocketed in 2016 when he became an ambassador for PLAYDifferently. That year also, he released an EP “Velvet Revovler” and two albums titled ”Ruction Remix 1” and “Ruction Remix 2”. Then, not too long ago, he founded his own label called RUKUS. Matador has more than 10 years in the music industry, and he keeps evolving live performances as a DJ.

Nathan Barato

Nathan Barato sets his skills from other DJs as he can play more than one genre. With his funky techno as a backdrop mixed with early 90s music, he has played residencies at some of Toronto’s most well-known nightclubs: The Guvernment nightclub, Footwork and Mad Bar. Although, his career began in Toronto, he has now played at festivals such as Ultra (Miami, USA), We Are (London, UK), Barn (Modena, Italy) and more. In March 2019, he dropped an entire album called “Past Forward” which contains collaborations with Mikey V, Room 303, Kid Enigma, Wayne Tennant, Lost BOUL and others. His album can be described as old school with an energetic bounce. Nathan Barato is a must when we talk about dance music because it has led him to residencies are some of the hottest nightclub of the country.


With more than 25 years of career, Tiga is known as a techno legend. At first, he used to help his dad to play music in their hometown. However, during his teenage years, he discovers his passion for music as he spent most of this time finding song that people didn’t know. As a result, later in life, his desire to become a DJ was based on becoming selfless as his role was to entertain and care for the vibe. Throughout his career, he has released 3 albums: Sexor, Ciao! and No Fantasy Required. Upon that, he has a long repertoire of singles and remixes. Not only, he is a music veteran in the electronic music industry, his philosophy about his work is quite interesting. His vision is about loving what you do and take care of the timing.

Proudly from Montreal, Tiga will be performing alongside with Jamie Jones, Matador and Nathan Barato at the Oasis Montreal on May 26 at the Esplanade located in the Olympic Stadium.

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